Ball Hockey 3vs3 (3+1):

The game of three players on the field + goalkeeper will have an official name: 3vs3
Rink dimension – LENGHT minimum 30m maximum 36, WIDTH minimum 15m maximum 18m




1. Equipment

Each player must be equipped with helmet, football (soccer) or lightweight hockeyball pads, gloves (ball hockey or ice hockey). Shoulder pads of any kind are prohibited.

Helmets, jerseys, shorts and socks must have the same color.

Any stick is accepted for the tournament. A referee may, at any time, declare an illegal piece of equipment when it is worn or damaged and represents a risk of injury.

2. Pre-game

Teams must be ready for the match 10 minutes before the official start of their match.

Locker rooms will be available where players can leave their bags. The head coach of each team will come for the key to the locker room 30 minutes before the game. After the game, the team has 30 minutes to leave the locker room.

Teams have to attend the opening ceremony of the World Championships. A three minutes warm-up period is available to players before the game.

One minute before the match begins, teams will stand on the blue line and based on instruction from the referee will great each other.

3. Duration of games

Each round robin game is composed of 2 x 15 minute periods, elimination games will be 3 x 15 minute periods. The clock stops at every play stoppage unless there is a 6+ goal differential.

The breaks between periods are a fixed 2 minutes and the teams change ends.

4. Post-game

After the match, the teams have to stand on the blue line and then the best players of each team will be evaluated (determined by the main referee). Subsequently, national anthem of the winning team will be played. Teams will then shake hands. Until this time the area can not be attended by players and officials of other teams.

5. Officials

Two referees will be present for every match along with 2 WBHF goal judges.

6. Penalties

Penalties in games are 2, 5 or 10 minutes based on the official WBHF rules. If the team has another player with penalty – his penalty time is deferred until the completion of the existing one. Minimum number of players on the field is 2.

The game is played based on the official WBHF rules except icing, offside and a 3vs3 format.

If a player is ejected from a game he will no longer be allowed to continue the tournament. Participation in the world championships may be possible only if the fee in amout of 100€ is paid to the WBHF Disciplinary Board who will evaluate the situation.

7. Standings

– 3 points for a win in regular time
– 2 Points for a win after a shootout (3 shooters) – 1 Point for a loss after shootout
– 0 Points for a loss in regular time

Tie-breaking procedure (final standings) is as follows :

1- Result of mutual match 2- Goal differential
3- Goals for
4- Draw

8. Roster size

Teams are allowed a maximum of 14 + 2 (goalies) players.

Official site of the WBHF is and complete rules are in « about sport » and « technical ». 

9. During the game

It is forbidden to stay more than three seconds behind his goals net. The referee will count 1-2-3 and if the game has not progressed there will be a face-off in the opponent’s zone.